Voice Dream Reader LogoVoice Dream Reader for iPad and iPhone, is an interesting app and is the first post in my Mobile Reading Apps Series.  On the price, I paid $1.99 for the app, but on the link in iTunes it says $9.99. I’m not sure why that is.  ***The developer emailed me, and apparently I bought the app on sale, and $9.99 is the regular price of the app.  That is where the price difference came from.***Voice Dream Reader extracts the text from what you are reading. You can extract text from a PDF, Word file, plain text, ePub and more. You can put your own text into the app to read also.  If you need the text to look the same as the original page, then this is not the app for you.

example of article on the web

How the Article looked on the web.

example of article from the web in app

How the article looked in Voice Dream.


If you only want the text to be read out loud this program does a good job of extracting the text, and presenting it clearly. You can load documents from the web, from Dropbox, Pocket and Instapaper.  The automatic web loader did not work well for me, so you might be better loading from Dropbox, Pocket and Instapaper.  The voice to text is a main option and it is easy to access.  The reader does a good job of high lighting as it goes along, great for students that need help following along.  It is easy to control the font, the font size, the font colour and the background page colour, allowing you to customize the text for your needs. This is the an example of the custom settings that I am currently using: options drop down menu

You can change the speed and voice. The app comes with one voice and you can purchase more voices for $0.99.  The program also has a translator, and comes with some translation credits.  I did not try the translator, but I noticed that you could purchase more translation credits if this was something that you needed.  You can see the voice settings menu here:screenshot of voice settingsThe controls for the speed are on the bottom bar, you can press play, rewind and fast forward. You can also start reading from where ever you want by double tapping on any word.  You can add highlights and book marks by pressing on a word and holding for a moment on any word.  You have the option to get the definition of a word by pressing any word.    The app allows you to bring up a list of your bookmarks and highlighted text by pressing the picture of the book on the bottom menu bar.

Overall this app works extremely well.  I was pleased with everything except the way it automatically pulled the text from a website.  I’d rate the app at 4/5 and if it had an option that could hold the images from the page you are extracting from, I’d change my rating to a solid 5/5.  If you use a different app for text to speech, or would like to see a review of an app, let me know! I’m always looking for new apps to try!


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  1. David Swain says:

    Thanks Chris. Very helpful review!

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